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Garza Farm is located on 160 Acres in Calhan Colorado. We raise Grass fed beef and all natural Pork. None of our animals are given any steroids or antibiotics nor any hormones. We take pride in the fact that our animals are Medication free. Here on our farm the animals come first. We try to give them the best life possible while they are with us. We treat every animal on this ranch with the utmost respect. We understand that they are making the ultimate sacrifice to feed us. As a Catholic family all our animals are thanked and prayed for as they get ready to be processed. Our Beef and Pork are prayed for and blessed by us as we deliver them to the processor.
        We are in our 3nd year with our farm and we are truly enjoying ourselves. It is so fulfilling to know that we are building something with our own hands. Anyone is welcome to come and visit by appointment. We would be happy to go over our pricing with you as we have a few different ways of paying for the meat you purchase from us. We except "CASH" and Credit cards. We even have payment options available for our customers. Please ask for details.
Please feel free to contact us for more details
Ask For Chris
719 213 9673

Date Time Event
  Bottle Goat sales begin.
April Chick sales begin.
 June    Farmers markets start.